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Does your insurance cover computer viruses like "Melissa"?

By Thomas M. Kallman

Obviously, your computer network is vital to your bottom line. Does your software fully protect you from viruses and hackers? Like the saying goes – if they want to “get” you, sooner or later, they will!

A virus can come on shrink-wrapped software from the manufacturer, on an e-mail attachment from the web, on a floppy disk from a client terminal, or virtually anywhere. Your software may not fully protect you from every new virus you can be exposed to, either. You can lose vital data, suffer damage to your hardware, and even be unable to continue doing business until resolved.

If you are like many firms, you cover your business for fire, theft, flood, and lawsuits. Doesn’t it make sense to insure your computer? Your network may be the most expensive equipment you ever buy and it’s fragile. All it takes is a little power surge or a spilled cup of coffee and your computer is gone. We see claims like this all the time. Sooner or later, you will get a virus, get struck by lightening, or suffer another of the myriad disasters that strike us all. In fact, lightening and power surges cause damage to over 3,855 computer users a day. The more hi tech your equipment, the easier it is to destroy.

The manufacturers warranty won’t cover everything and may have already run out. The solution is a solid insurance policy specifically for your computer that will cover problems outside the warranty, including fire, flood, theft, windstorm, virus, breakdown loss of data and the cost to recreate it. Contact your independent insurance agent for a quote today.

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