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What would a burglar think of your business as a target?

By Thomas M. Kallman

A professional burglar can strike the best protected premises and even an amateur burglar can often steal office equipment, computers or tools if your premises appear to be easy pickings. Physical barriers can help a lot. You can protect windows, doors, skylights, air ducts, with wire mesh screens or iron bars but be sure to install gates to masonry, not just window frames.

Locks offer another defense against burglars. The two effective types are mortise and rim locks. Either should be installed with the bolts of at least 1″ length. The burglar is likely to try to pick the lock by manipulating the pin tumblers to release the bolt, pulling out the lock cylinder with a wrench, or bending the door frame where the bolt is in the retainer. Your best defense includes using highly pick-resistant U.L locks, hardened ring guard surrounding the cylinder and a mortised cylinder installed flush with the surface of the door. Use a bolt at least 1″ long and use metal door frame inserts to strengthen wooden door frames.

Note that life safety must take precedence. If you use these types of physical protective features, make sure occupants can still exit the building without delay. Do not lock yourself or any one else inside in case of a fire. Leave dead bolts unlocked when the business is open unless there is an alternate way of egress. Installing a Central Station UL Approved alarm can save you money on your insurance premiums and give you the best protection. No one wants to be the victim of a burglary. Burglars damage premises, insurance policies have deductibles and sometimes upper theft limits as well, and your feeling of safety and well being can be threatened by the experience. Some simple steps taken ahead of time can persuade the burglar to look elsewhere.

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